Our Services

Employee Benefits Evaluation

RJ Actuaries & Consultants helps businesses evaluate and review their existing employee medical benefits, providing gap assessments, policy structuring, and healthcare risk management. The company supports HR teams in drafting employee benefit strategies and budget management, and offers services related to risk management documentation and framework set-up.

  • Designing
  • Managing
  • Evaluating

Employee Benefit Plans

We work with employers to develop and implement benefit plans that meet the needs of their employees while also managing costs. This involves analyzing data on:

  • Employee demographics
  • Health status
  • Utilization patterns
  • Need and Gap analysis

to determine the appropriate level of coverage and cost-sharing arrangements. RJ Actuaries & Consultants also provide Actuarial Valuation for Employee Benefits Liability as per various Accounting Standards including IAS 19 (Revised 2011), AS15, IndAS 19, USGAAP (ASC 715) & other accounting standards.